Newlyweds in Srivari service

The newlyweds Vignesh Sivan-Nayantara visited Srivastava in Thirumala on Friday and participated in the marriage service. Afterwards the plants paid off. Devotees competed to see the new couple. Vignesh Sivan-Nayantara visited Thirumala several times in the past and took Swami’s blessings. Even the first marriage was supposed to take place in the presence of the Swami. They got married in Mahabalipuram in view of the travel difficulties. Vignesh Sivan-Nayantara’s first massage after marriage was special.

Nayantara in controversy: Nayantara is embroiled in a controversy during her visit to Thirumala. Many people made the mistake of turning around in her sandals in the streets of Thirumala. Photos of Nayantara walking in sandals have gone viral on social media. Many netizens have expressed interest in knowing and practicing rituals in the Holy Land. Meanwhile, a photo shoot of the Nayantara couple revealed that TTD was taking action against them for wearing sandals on the streets of Thirumada. TTDO said in a statement that it was complaining to the police about the matter.

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