Neha Chowdary: Bigg Boss contestant Neha Chowdary’s marriage has started..

Neha Chowdary: ‘Neha Chowdary’, who entered Bigg Boss season 6 as a contestant, is very close to Telugu families. But this girl has already earned a special recognition in the field of cinema and sports. Neha, a girl from Tirupati, won the gold medal as the national champion in the rhythmic gymnastics category. But with the interest in the field of entertainment, she entered the television and anchored many shows.

Neha Chowdary : I was eliminated by Revanth.

Coming to the matter, for the past few days there are rumors that Neha is going to get married. Even during the Bigg Boss entry, she revealed to Nagarjuna that ‘I told them at home that I will get married if I go to the Bigg Boss show’. This gives strength to the news that this gymnastics beauty is about to get married. Recently, she posted a post on Instagram adding a link to YouTube saying ‘I Said S’.

On YouTube, Neha runs a blog called ‘Ala Nehato’. In that blog, she made a video saying ‘My marriage has started’ and revealed her future groom. She said that she is going to marry her friend who is an engineering classmate. Both of them have been in love since they were about 13 years old, and now they are going to get married. Netizens are congratulating her with this.

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