Nayanthara | Nayantharana Majaka.. 50 crore remuneration for 50 seconds ad!

Nayanthara | Nayanthara is the number one heroine in the South film industry, no matter who she is. She has a good craze not only in the South but also in the North. That’s why while doing lady oriented movies, she is also pleasing in star hero movies. Producers also have a belief that if Nayan, who is known as a lady superstar, is in their movie, the collections will come automatically. With that faith, the producers are ready to give her as much remuneration as she asks. Not only in the movie.. Commercial companies are demanding huge remuneration for Nayanthara even for a 50 second ad. This matter has now become viral on social media.

Nayanthara, who has been a South superstar for so many days, also entered Bollywood with the movie Jawaan last year. Nayan demanded around 10 crores to act with Shah Rukh Khan. After seeing the Nayan craze, the makers gave her as much as she asked. Nayanthara’s salary became a hot topic when the movie Jaawan was released. Meanwhile, her remuneration for advertisements has also become the talk of the industry. Because it seems that she took a remuneration of up to Rs. 5 crore for a 50 second ad.

Nayanthara has been staying away from commercials for a few days due to a series of films. Along with Tata Sky, she acted in Slice Mango juice ads. Everyone is shocked to know that they have taken a remuneration of Rs. 5 crores for acting in these advertisements. They are surprised to know that Rs. 5 crores are taken for each ad which is only 50 seconds long. When this news went viral on social media, netizens are commenting that it is Nayanthara’s demand.

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