Nayanthara in another big problem..? A single signature has been entered..!!

We know that Kollywood star heroine Nayanthara is stuck in any kind of problems after her marriage. This lady created a big sensation with her wedding. At that time, there was a lot of fuss not to let the wedding photos come out and it became a hot topic on social media as well. After the wedding, this beauty stepped into Tirumala wearing sandals and behaved disregarding Hindu traditions and once again became a troll on social media.

Later, with the deal related to his marriage, he violated the Netfix conditions and once again became a hot topic trend on social media. And then, as expected, she became a mother of two twin children after four months of marriage. It is known that Nayanthara, who is being trolled on social media with bad incidents one after the other, is once again stuck in big trouble. We all know that Nayanthara loved and married Kollywood star director Vignesh Sivan.

Rumors that they dated for years before marriage also went viral on social media. But both of them have already invested in Saudi together. It is known that the two have invested together in a company. But they were not married at that time.. In that agreement, both of them signed separately and mentioned that we are not married. But recently, Nayantara Vignesh Sivan showed the marriage certificate to the government saying that we got married six years ago in the case of twin children. This means that Nayanthara is once again stuck in a trap.

If you are really married, then there are chances that the Tamil Nadu government will question why you have signed separately. If this is true then again people are saying that Nayantara Vignesh Sivan’s twins are booked in surrogacy will this issue end again..?

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