Nayan-Vignesh couple who are going to be separated..everything happened as planned..?

S..Present this same news is trending as a hot topic on social media. Kollywood star heroine Nayanthara is known to have married Kollywood director Vignesh Sivan. On June 9, in the presence of very few relatives, the couple shocked the people by becoming parents of two children within four months of their marriage.

Vignesh-Nayan, parents of two children through surrogacy, created a sensation at that time. Finally, the correct documents were handed over to the Tamil Nadu government saying that the process was legal and we did not do anything wrong. Since then, Nayanthara-Vignesh, who are less visible on social media, are hearing news on social media that they are going to be apart.

S Nayanthara – Vignesh Sivan are going to be away for some years. It is known as main reason work. It is known that after marrying Nayantara-Vignesh Shivan, camphor was put in the new house. While Nayanthara was busy in terms of work, Vignesh Sivan took the responsibility of taking care of the children. It is known that Nayanthara did not go to foreign countries to participate in the shootings of her film. In this order, the news is heard on social media that these two are going to be apart for some years..!!

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