‘Natu Natu’ won hearts

‘RRR’ film heroes NTR and Ram Charan have already reached Los Angeles, America to participate in the prestigious Oscar awards ceremony. He was busy with a series of media interviews there. Speaking on this occasion, NTR made interesting comments about the ‘RRR’ team walking on the red carpet. “It’s a great honor to be welcomed on the red carpet. But I don’t think it is NTR or Komuram Bheem who walks there. Similarly, Rajamouli and Ram Charan also do not think so. Let’s walk on the red carpet with India in our hearts. I am eagerly waiting for the moment,’ said NTR.

Ram Charan said that “Natu Natu” is a song appreciated by all the people. People belonging to different cultures and states have adopted this song as their own song. From Japan to America, the song ‘Natu Natu’ has won everyone’s hearts. Looking forward to the Oscars. I’m going to see the stars I grew up watching. ‘RRR’ is a great artistic film. This movie got more love than expected. We are getting great respect in Hollywood, which is the Mecca of cinema,” he said.

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