Natu Natu song: It’s a mass song.. a dance song.. I didn’t think the award would come.. Keeravani comments

Natu song is currently taking YouTube by storm. Breaking all the records.. achieving notable views. Not only in Telugu, but also in the pan-Indian languages ​​where it was released, this song is making a lot of noise. Thru Out India is trending in all regions. This song journey, which started with Natu’s promo before the release of the movie, went to the next level with the release of the movie. And now it has become another hot topic with the release of the full song on YouTube.

Cherry-Tarak worked hard and danced with the same rhythm and the Natu song became the center attraction of the triple movie. Mega Nandamuri rocked the fans in the theatre. The whole world praised this song as it won an Oscar. This song won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Recently music director Keeravani made interesting comments about this song.

The song ‘Natu Natu’ is a complete mass song. A song that makes anyone want to dance. Technically speaking, you’d think the Oscars would go to classical music, brilliant poetry, and even difficult orchestration. However, ‘Natu Natu’ is a catchy commercial song. Fast beat no. Aside from the Oscar award. Keeravani said that he never imagined that the actual award would come. Now Keeravani’s comments are going viral.

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