Naresh: This is the biggest secret that the world does not know about Naresh’s second wife..!

Naresh: In Tollywood, senior actor Naresh’s personal life has not received as many gossips on his life. The reason for that is that he has already married three times and then cohabited with his co-star Pavitra Lokesh. Not now.. Naresh’s personal life has been in the media since last year. Anyone who sees him, discusses about the holy. Also.. we have seen his third wife Ramya Raghupathi criticizing him severely. Leaving all this aside.. Why did he actually get married three times? Divorced three wives?

Now they are ready to get married for the fourth time.. the news is going viral. However, Naresh got married for the first time at the age of 19. After a few years of marriage, his wife died after giving birth to a son. Naresh got married for the second time. His second wife is Rekha Supriya, granddaughter of Devulapalli Krishna Shastri. Vijayanirmala and Rekha Supriya’s father, Subbaraya Sharma, were close friends and got married. However, their child Teja has autism.

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Naresh: Rekha Supriya had a fight with Naresh for not caring about her son

However.. Naresh’s career was at its peak at the same time. Being busy with movies, he did not pay attention to his son Teja. Due to this, Rekha had a fight with Supriya.. Naresh. It got bigger. Both of them got separated. Rekha Supriya has adopted many children suffering from autism so that no one else should suffer like her son. Just.. Naresh was not devoting time to his family.. She divorced him.

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