Naresh-Pavitra: Married Naresh-Pavitra.. Naresh shocked with the video..

Naresh-Pavitra : The recently very viral couple in Tollywood is senior actor Naresh – actress Pavitra Lokesh. They acted together in a movie and became very viral as they went around carrying sticks outside. And Naresh’s quarrel with his third wife, which led to a roadblock, when Pavitra and Naresh were together in a hotel, the third wife came there.. All this fuss has become a trend in social media and news. Even though Naresh-Pavitra Lokesh received many news and gossips but did not respond at first, they shocked everyone by announcing that they are going to get married soon on the occasion of New Year 2023, they shared a video where they both cut a cake and shared a lip kiss, surprising everyone.

This video has gone viral. After that, Naresh’s third wife Ramya reacted to this video and said that I will not let them get married and I will not divorce them. After that, the attack on Naresh, Naresh going to the court… many incidents happened. Recently, Naresh suddenly shared the video of his marriage to Pavitra on social media and shocked everyone. In this video, Naresh – Pavitra got married in the traditional way in the temple, putting cumin jaggery on the scalp, taking seven steps and exchanging garlands.

Naresh shared this video.. One sacred bond.. Two minds.. Three thorns.. Seven steps.. Seeking your blessings and posted this saying Holy Naresh. This video has become viral. With this video, Naresh is once again in the news. Let’s see how Naresh’s third wife reacts to this.

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But some people say that this is not a real wedding but it could be a shooting. Some people are also commenting that there is no one related to Naresh around in that video and that it might have been shot for something. As Naresh officially posted this, it is a real wedding, and some others say that last time he also shared a lip kiss video.

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