Naresh – Pavitra Lokesh : Even if Pavitra took you to another country within an hour of marriage, Naresh.. the video is viral..!!

Naresh – Pavitra Lokesh : It is known that senior actor Naresh is getting married to senior actress Pavitra today morning. Unexpectedly, Naresh… Pavitra was given three thorns. In the morning, the video is still going viral on social media and electronic media. Naresh’s marriage to his third wife Ramya Raghupathi without divorce created a sensation. Meanwhile, within an hour of the marriage, Naresh took Pavitra with him and went to Dubai.

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh Enjoying Their Honey Moon Trip In Dubai

They are fully enjoying their honeymoon trip there. That video also went viral after Naresh himself posted it on social media. There are always reports that Pavitra is having a holy cohabitation with Naresh. Naresh’s wife Ramya Raghupathi also accused Pavitra in a serious manner.

Naresh And Pavitra Lokesh Honeymoon In Dubai |  Naresh And Pavitra Lokesh Wedding |  News Buzz - YouTube

In such circumstances, on December 31 last year, Naresh posted a video of him kissing Pavitra and asking for everyone’s blessings. But as said then.. Naresh is married to Pavitri. But within an hour of marriage, Naresh took a honeymoon trip to Dubai with Pavitra, which became a sensation.

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