Naresh: He made me have extra-marital relations with them.. I will not leave Naresh.. Sensational comments of the third wife

It is known that popular actors Naresh and Pavitra are going to get married soon. The two, who have been in a relationship for some time now, officially announced their relationship on New Year’s Day. This is Naresh’s fourth marriage. Also, differences with his third wife Ramya Raghupathi are still going on. Ramya has already expressed her anger on Naresh and Pavitra’s relationship many times in the media. She made a lot of fuss as to why she was with someone else when she was with me. Naresh also made many accusations against Ramya. In this context, Ramya once again made sensational comments when Naresh officially announced through a video that he is going to marry Pavitra. Naresh Boothu watches videos. I came to know about this when my son Ranveer told me that dad was watching dirty videos. How responsible should a father be? How to treat children? Naresh did not know any of this. He behaved very aggressively. Moreover, he gave me links with the driver as well as anyone.

We are spending sleepless nights..

Naresh is telling lies about me. Hearing all this, my son is getting mentally disturbed. We are having sleepless nights. He is not thinking about Babu even once. I served rice to Pavitra with my hand. But in the end Naresh and Pavitra betrayed me. My son wants to be a father. So there is no question of leaving Naresh. Ramya Raghupathi said. Ramya expressed her anger. Now these comments have become a hot topic in Tollywood.

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