Naresh defamed Mahesh as a witness of Krishna Parthivadeham… Can there be more shame than this..!

Superstar Krishna’s death has not only hurt the entire film world but also the Telugu people. Being one of the great actors of yesterday’s generation, Krishna had a lot of sentiment among the Telugu people. However, the behavior of his second wife Vijayanirmala’s son Naresh as a witness to the body of Krishna Parthiva is now being widely discussed.

Senior journalist strongly objected to the fact that Naresh Pavitra chased Lokesh while Rama Rao Krishna Parthiva’s body was next to him. Rama Rao says that Krishna does not like Naresh at all. But he also said that he had to accept Naresh as his son only because of his love for Vijayanirma.

Asa has already married three times.. Now Pavitra is cohabiting with Lokesh and he brought her there.. This is not good even for the people watching… What will happen to Asa Krishna’s name.. Who would like such things? Rama Rao was fired. Isn’t Naresh also crying with love for Krishnagari? It means that no one can mistake that love.. He also asked what would be the loss if Pavitra Lokesh, who is cohabiting without actually getting married, is not taken there.

What Naresh has done is very wrong… three marriages have become fiascos. Now cohabiting, he took the girl to her father’s dead body. Will Mahesh Babu be able to do what his brother did? Rama Rao was also fired. Shouldn’t you be shy before actually doing this? Rama Rao also said that the less we talk about it, the better.

No matter what Naresh’s personal issues are, it is true that Naresh was always with Krishna. As Krishna stayed with the Vijayanirmas till the end, Naresh who stayed in the house took care of Krishna’s health and other welfare. Krishna also used to ask Naresh what he wanted.

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