Nara Lokesh Nara Lokesh's petition in Telangana High Court on 'Vyuham' movie

Hyderabad: TDP leader Nara Lokesh has filed a petition in the TS High Court against the film 'Vyuham' produced by famous director and producer Ramgopal Varma, which has always been the center of sensation in the film world. He stated in the petition that the censor certificate of the film Tathagata should be cancelled.

The case will be heard on 26th of this month. Lokesh accused RGV of creating characters as per his liking. They expressed concern that Chandrababu was misrepresented in this film and that the film was made to defame him and that the whole film is likely to be the same as in the trailer.

RGV responded to Nara Lokesh's petition. He said that Lakshmi's NTR, which he has shot, has not been shot in such a way as to humiliate anyone. He said that they are being misunderstood because of their roles in those films. If necessary, TDP can also take films, he suggested. He said that cinema and politics are one thing for him. Hitavu said that if he wants to get hit, he should make a movie like his.

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