Nani’s “Dussehra” Public Talk: Movie goers definitely take it guys..!!

Now wherever you see the present, natural star Nani starrer Dussehra movie talk will go viral. We know how special Naniki Dussehra movie is, who has been having a hit or wave in her career for some time now. Even if this movie was a hit, I faced a situation where I could not stand in the movie industry. But finally people say that Nani has successfully faced those challenges and scored a super duper hit with the movie Dussehra.

Srikanth Odela, who has designed the film without any negative marks in terms of story or content.. how his fans want to see Nani.. he has satiated their hunger. More importantly, the climax of the movie has become the highlight of the movie. Srikanth has changed the contours of the movie by putting a sudden twist in Lost which no one expected. Movie celebs say that a new director has thought so much and designed the story, it is really hotsaff.

Moreover, Nani’s fans are not only giving positive reviews after watching the movie but also giving suggestions to the movie goers. Those who go to the cinema should take water bottles.. For every scene in the movie.. Every moment they scream and scream and scream and shout. In this order, the pics related to Nani Dussehra are trending on social media and not only that, Nani’s fans are also giving goose bumps to Nani as the finale of the dialogue. “Hit Kottao Ra Nani Na Kodaka”..the dialogue from the movie is being posted again..!!

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