Nani – Vishwaksen : Nani, Vishwak Sen.. Grand entry with a week gap with pan India movies

Nani – Vishwaksen : Both natural star Nani and Mas Ka Das Vishwaksen are going to give mass feast to the fans with their next movies. Both the films are releasing this month. That’s why both of them are not slowing down when it comes to the promotions of those movies. Efforts are being made to take the films that are going to be released in the pan India range to the masses.

Nani is getting ready with the movie ‘Dasara’ to bring out the actor as a natural star. The movie is going to release grandly on 30th of this month. From the first look of the film to the teaser and trailer, the positive vibrations created are not all. In this movie, which is going to be released on a large scale to meet the Pan India range, Nani’s performance and screen presence in our mass get-up are making fans happy. For this film, Nani is devoting more time than ever for promotions. He is trying to take Dussehra to the masses by promoting the film in various locations.

Telangana nativity, fights, songs are all different in Dussehra movie. Nani also looks brand new in Ooramas avatar. With the good content and Nani’s look, the movie has got huge expectations. However, Nani is still promoting ‘Dussehra’. Keeping in mind the Hindi release, the trailer was released in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Recently Nani also toured Tamil Nadu. He is promoting the film saying that it will not go anywhere.


Young hero Vishwak Sen’s first Pan India movie ‘Das Ka Dhamki’ is getting ready for release. Actually this movie was released in the month of February. But due to unavoidable reasons the release was postponed. All in all, the makers have officially announced that the movie will be released in theaters worldwide on March 22. Two shades of Vishvak’s character are going to be elevated in the film. Vishvak is the hero, director and producer of this film made with high budget and richness. Niveda Pethuraj is acting opposite Vishwak Sen in this film. Vishwak Sen is promoting this movie in his own style. The pre-release event of the movie Das Ka Dhamki, which has been made on a grand scale and costing more than 30 crore rupees, is going to be held in Hyderabad on 17th of this month. Young Tiger Yntr is going to be the chief guest for this.

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All in all, both Nani and Vishwak Sen are taking the movies to the masses with their Pan India movie promotions. Dussehra and Das Ka Dhamki were the first Pan India movies for both the heroes, so both the heroes took it very prestigious. The latest released trailers are making fans crazy. It remains to be seen whether Dussehra and Das Ka Dhamki, which are going to be released exactly eight days apart, will be successful in what range. It is noteworthy that these two films are the highest budget films in their career. Nani Dussehra movie is going to be released in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil while Das Ka Dhamki movie is going to be released in other languages ​​except Kannada.

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