Nani | Nani floating in the gall with the success of ‘Major’ .. Adenti ..?

That is .. what has Nani got to do with Major movie .. Nani is not the hero in that movie .. he is not the one who produced it .. then why do you think he is enjoying the success of Major movie so much ..? There is a big story behind this. Major brings good collections not only in Telugu but also in Hindi. The response to it is increasing day by day. The film, which grossed just over Rs 1 crore on its opening day, grossed over Rs 2 crore in four days. Depending on this one can understand how influential Major Hindi is.

Meanwhile, producer Mahesh Babu celebrated the success of the film. The film grossed over Rs 40 crore in four days. Meanwhile, Nani is enjoying Major Success more than Mahesh. This is because he is producing the hit 2 movie with Adivi Sesh as the hero. The film is expected to be directed by Shailesh Kolanu. The film is set to release on July 29. Producer Nani is all set to release the second part of the hit Hindi version of Major Punyama.

Nani is already planning to release the film in Telugu and Hindi simultaneously. But he was skeptical that Pan India would be a workout in some corner. But now that the Major movie is a super success, the Adivi Shesh market has grown tremendously. Natural star is looking to release Hit-2 in Hindi on a massive scale. Nani said that the stories are also ready for them to make seven sequels to the film. He will play the hero in some part of it.

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