Nani 33 | Nani 33 Dasara is going to be a sequel..? Here is the clarity..!

Nani 33 | It is known that Dasara, a mass entertainer from the compound of Tollywood natural star Nani, has become the talk of the industry by collecting good collections at the box office. Set in the rural Telangana backdrop, the film grossed over Rs.100 crores at the global box office. Meanwhile, the news came that Nani – Srikanth Odela (Srikanth Odela) blockbuster combo is ready to do another movie. Keeping these true, the Nani team made everyone excited by announcing Nani 33.

The news has surfaced that Nani and Srikanth Odela team is planning an action drama this time too. But when the announcement came, the rumors spread that this movie is a Dussehra sequel and the story of the first part will be a continuation. According to the latest information from Filmnagar Circle, Nani 33 is not a sequel, but an original film. Srikanth Odela has prepared a new subject. Knowing that this movie will have some political touch, the makers will give clarity in the coming days.

It is known that Nani is currently busy with back to back films. One of these is Nani 31 directed by Vivek Atreya. Coming in the genre of action thriller, the title of Saripoda was finalized on Saturday and the shooting is in progress. On the other hand, Nani is also doing a film under the direction of Balagam director Venu Yeldandi. Ellamma has finalized the title of this film. And Nani 33 will come after these two movies..? Isn’t it..? Let’s see if there will be any clarity in the coming days.



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