Nagarjuna, who left the fortune he there anything worse than this..?

If luck knocks on the door, who will do what if poverty is next to them .. everything is happening the same way . S present trolls are trolling Akkineni Nagarjuna with such comments. Recently, Akkineni’s heroes have been subjected to heavy trolling on social media. Akhil-Chaitanya are trying to settle down in life right now. Akkineni’s fans are saying that Nagarjuna’s biggest mistake was to give up the opportunity he sought at such a time.

We know whether Nagarjuna – Naga Chaitanya – Akhil hit recently. Bangarraju’s movie, which was released sometime back, became a hit. The wild dog that came after that, and the ghost that came after that, no one knew when they came or went. But it has been a long time since Nijani Ki Nagarjuna Nikasaina made a mass movie. It is known that he rejected a Malayalam blockbuster movie that came to him in this order.

Malayalam movie Porinju Mariam Jose’ released in 2019 became a mass hit. The movie became a super duper hit and Nagarjuna first wanted to remix this movie. But recently, with all the remake films coming in the industry, Nagarjuna took a step back. Some brats are trolling Nagarjuna in this order. “What can you do if you are next to poverty..Even if a good movie comes out, you can’t do it” they are trolling vulgarly. Akkineni Nagarjuna’s name has become viral once again. Let’s see which hero will remix this movie and make it a hit..?

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