Nagarjuna: Naag who made another story ok.. but no director!

Nagarjuna: Tollywood king Akkineni Nagarjuna recently came in front of the audience with the movie ‘The Ghost’, which received an average talk at the box office. And as the nag action dose is next level in this movie, Akkineni fans liked this movie very much. But, with Nag’s films failing consecutively, he is taking steps to make his next project okay.

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However, as Nag has not done his next project so far, fans are feeling that he does not understand what kind of film he wants. However, it seems that recently Nag has given his OK to the script given by a famous writer. Nag was impressed by a script written by writer Prasanna Kumar, who had contributed stories to films like Ne Local, Dhamaka and other small films.

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However, who will direct this script is yet to be clarified. Fans are curious to see what kind of story this script will come with and what kind of role Nag will play in this movie. However, fans and film fraternities are eagerly waiting for Nag Next movie.

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