Nagarjuna : Do you know that Nagarjuna is very fast in that regard??

Nagarjuna : Kannada beauty Nikitha entered the Telugu industry with the film ‘Hi’. She acted in star hero movies in a very short time. She made her way into the industry by acting in her own style in Telugu as well as Malayalam and Kannada films. In this sequence, Nikita got opportunities in star hero films. King Nagarjuna starrer ‘Don’ was played by Nikitha. But in this movie, everyone considers her as the second heroine at first, but in the end it is revealed that she is the villain.

Nagarjuna sister in law so fast in that matter

Raghava Lawrence takes revenge on her. Raghava Lawrence, who plays Nagarjuna’s younger brother, falls in love with her. He decides to marry her. Nagarjuna also says okay for their marriage. But in the end it is known that she supports the villain. Lawrence shoots her with a gun. And Nagarjuna will kill that villain. The movie ends. Anyway, this movie became a blockbuster hit. At that time, news was heard that Nikita, who can do any role in movies, had a secret love affair with an actor in the Kannada industry.

Moreover, she got excited with the actor in the bedroom and bathroom scenes. As a result, there were reports that when the hero’s wife gave a stern warning to Nikita, she distanced herself from him. People do not understand why Nikit, who has earned a good name in the Telugu industry, has gone down such a bad path in the Kannada industry. People severely criticized her saying that she does such things only for money. However, Likhita did not respond at all. Currently, Nikita is staying away from movies and enjoying her life.

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