Naga Shaurya | Young Hero Nagashaurya Goodbye to Bachelor Life.. Wedding Details

Many young heroes in Tollywood have already said goodbye to bachelor life and entered married life. Another young hero is joining this list. So far that young hero is not Naga Shaurya. Soon the wedding bells will be ringing at Nagashaurya’s house. Nagashaurya will take seven steps with Anusha.

BA Raju’s team gave an update through social media that Nagashaurya’s wedding celebrations are going to be held in Bengaluru on November 19 and 20. Is Anusha a person from the industry? Or is it a family person with a business background? Then the movie people and Nagashaurya’s followers started discussing it. The news that Naga Shaurya is soon going to become a householder has now become the talk of the town.

Nagashaurya is at the forefront of actors who choose novel stories and make films. This year, Krishna Vrinda Vihari with Shirley Setia came before the audience. This movie got good talk at the box office. Currently back to back movies are in Nagashaurya’s account.

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