Naga Chaitanya: Shobhita – Naga Chaitanya traveling together abroad.. But the affair has become public..!

Naga Chaitanya: After Samantha Naga Chaitanya’s divorce, we keep seeing how many rumors are doing the rounds regarding the two. There were many rumors that Samantha is going to get married for the second time and Chaitu is also in a relationship with a heroine. A talk has come out that Telugu girl Shobhita Dullipala is having a love affair. Moreover, these two are currently in a living relationship and have been heavily campaigned. But some people said it was true and some people said it was a lie. Shobhita and Chaitanya have a common friend.

They met a few years ago on the occasion of his birthday party. It is said that it was at that time that the two came into contact. After that, the two talked and chatted many times, and at this time the two also shared their career and personal matters and the friendship between the two turned into a bit of love, the netizens said. But a few days ago there was a lot of publicity regarding these two, but recently they have calmed down a bit.

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Naga Chaitanya : Why are you doing it..!

But by showing a recent photo, some people started rumors that these two are enjoying themselves abroad. While a photo of Sobhita and Naga Chaitanya together is doing the rounds on social media, if you look at the background of this photo, it looks like both of them posed for a photo during a foreign tour.. So the rumors of affair between Sobhita and Naga Chaitanya are being propagated on a large scale. But some who have closely examined this photo say that it is a morphing photo. Some people say that the photos of Naga Chaitanya and Sobhita Dhulipala on different occasions have been morphed like this. . The fact is that Shobhita, Naga Chaitanya’s photo has now gone viral.

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