Naatu Naatu | Telugu power over white people.. A sensation in the history of Indian cinema.. Natu Natu song

Naatu Naatu Song | From six-year-old babies to sixty-year-olds, the song ‘Natu Natu’ enthralls everyone. The song became a sensation by the time the film was released. The song added to the buzz already on ‘RRR’, and the movie got an unprecedented craze. There are many people who went to theaters specifically for this song. There is no one who does not join his voice to Keeravani music. There is no audience who doesn’t follow the footsteps of Ram Charan and Tarak.

It took almost 19 months for Chandra Bose to complete the lyrics of this song, which also made the Hollywood audience whistle. Chandra Bose said in an interview that this is the first time he has taken so much time for a song. Prem Rakshit has composed around 95 steps for this song. Tarak and Charan prepared 30 versions for the hook step with hands on Bhuja. Rajamouli took 19 takes for this song. But in the end the second take was okay.

RRR team fought a small battle for this one song. Because of such hard work, this song is now getting praise at the international level. In this song, not only Tarak and Charan’s dancing talent, but also the kind of friendship between them has been told. In front of the white people, they showed the power of the Telugu people.

While 81 songs were entered for the Oscars worldwide, five songs were shortlisted for the Oscars in the final list. Along with Natu Natu, the songs Tell It Like A Woman (Applause), Hold My Hand (Topgun: Maverick), Lift Me Up (Black Panther), This Is Life (Everything Everywhere All At Once) competed for the Oscar. It won and created history.

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