Naatu Naatu: Oscar Award is the result of hard work, Naatu Naatu did not get ready just like that – 10 big things

RRR Movie Naatu Naatu Song Trivia: SS Rajamouli’s film RRR did what no other Indian film could do before today. Its song Natu Natu made people all over the world so crazy that history was made. The song won in the Best Original Song category at the 95th Oscar Awards. RRR film and its Oscar winning song did not become so easily. From director, composer to lyricist, choreographer and singer, everyone had to work hard to make the 4 minute 34 second song. There are many such things related to the people associated with the song and the film, about which you hardly know. read this also: What did MM Keerwani say on creating history at Oscars, why is the speech being discussed? Know 10 big things related to the film and the song It took 95 years for an Indian film to win the Oscar Award. Earlier many Indians won Oscars, but RRR is the first film of Indian production, which got this success. Prem Rakshit is the choreographer of Natu Natu. At one time, fed up with poverty, he was about to commit suicide. He had also gone to the sea shore, but the cycle with which he went to embrace death was also borrowed. When he came home to keep the bicycle, he came to know that he had got a job in a film. Its choreographer Prem Rakshit had to prepare 110 moves to make just the hook step of the Oscar winning song Naatu Naatu. 18 takes were taken for the signature step of Naatu Naatu, but finally only the second take was kept in the song. For this Prem Rakshit had prepared 30 versions. The 4 minute 34 second song Natu Natu was shot for 20 days in the background of the President’s Palace in Ukraine. It included 50 background dancers and 400 junior artists. 90 percent of the song Naatu Naatu was ready in two days. It took 19 months to make the entire song, but Rajamouli and MM Keeravani decided to change the last stanza. Talked to Chandrabos and within 15 minutes the song was finalized by changing the last stanza. Many things in the film did not go according to plan. The plan was that its shooting would be completed in 200 days, but when the shooting started, it lasted for 300 days. How grand RRR was, it can be gauged from the fact that 200 days were spent only in works like rehearsals, auditions and screen tests. The budget of the film was fixed at Rs 300. But 200 crore rupees were spent in the making. The total budget had crossed 500 crores. MM Keerwani, the composer of Natu Natu, at one point of time was away from his family for about one and a half years. Kirwani’s guru had told him that he might die untimely. To avert this danger, he had to stay away from his family like a hermit and he did. MM Keerwani believes a lot in things like auspicious and inauspicious. It has been told in the reports that he does not do any work without seeing the auspicious time. Don’t even get out of the car. The action of RRR was well liked. For this, Rajamouli had brought about 2500 stuntmen from London. Apart from this, there were 50 other stuntmen who were called from different countries.

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