My wife had an extra-marital affair with a TV anchor: Susmithasen’s brother Rajivsen

New Delhi: Rajeev Sen, brother of former Vishwasundari Susmithasen, has made sensational allegations about his wife Charu Asopa. TV actress Charu Asopa recently accused her husband of having affairs with para women.. Rajivsen also lashed out at Charu with similar allegations Charu accused Asopa of having an extra-marital affair with popular TV actor Karan Mehra.

Rajivsen said that he respected her as a person, but she played the woman card on him every time. He was angry that she must be delusional and falsely accused him with ego even without any evidence. He commented that her ego has crossed the roof even though there is no proof.

Rajivsen said that despite such serious allegations against him, his family members loved her more than him. He commented that he would never forgive Charu Asopa for insulting him so much and mentally torturing him. He said that the voice notes sent to him by Charu’s mother, Neelam Asopa, are proof that Charu and Karan had an extra-marital affair.

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