My Name Is Shruti: Hansika coming up against organ mafia .. Beautiful song from ‘My Name Is Shruti’

Beauty queen Hansika has been introduced to the film Desamuduru. This little one shot arrows into the guys’ hearts right from the first movie. This short one then burst with a series of movies. Hansika soon acquired the star heroine craze. This beauty played opposite all the boy heroes. The seller makes films in Telugu as well as Tamil. Hansika movies in Telugu have been reduced in recent times. Hansika, on the other hand, has been making Lady Oriented Movies. Hansika is coming forward with another interesting story.

My name is Shruti, the upcoming Organ Mafia themed movie that has never been seen on the Indian screen, will soon be released with a teaser. The film crew has recently released a video lyrical song called Merisele .. Merisele from the film. Director Srinivas Omkar says .. Curiosity about the film has increased with the dialogue in which the heroine Hansika tells them what they want to do by pulling the skin and doing business. We recently released a lyrical song called Merisele Merisele. The song was composed by Krishnakanth and sung by Satya Yami. Composed by Mark Robin. Surely the film is sure to entertain everyone. The release date of the film will be announced soon. Chitraunit Dheema says that this movie will definitely impress everyone.

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