My heart said that I don’t want that movie

Hero Vishwaksen said that he had made up his mind not to act in the film directed by Arjun, and he did not want to shoot because of that doubt. Arjun’s self-directed film starring Vishvak has been stopped unexpectedly. Arjun recently expressed his grief that the film was stopped due to Vishwak not coming to the shoot. Commenting on this controversy, Vishwaksen said… ‘I had no objection to acting in Arjun’s film. But Arjun did not consider any of my suggestions regarding the story. I will take care of whatever is asked of him. It struck me that it is better to leave this movie.

I have not caused any loss to any producer so far. After going to a lot of auditions, going around the offices and rising from the bottom to become a hero, I started fearing that if I made a mistake in my choice, I would go there again. I said let’s discuss the story again. I did not think that Arjun would hold a press meet and speak like this. They contacted to settle the account for the money they gave.’ Less than three months ago, Arjun’s self-directed film started with Vishvaksen as the hero. Recently, Arjun revealed that the film was stopped because Vishvak did not come to the shoot after preparing everything.

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