Murali Mohan’s love with that crazy heroine..Is that star director the reason for the marriage?

Murali Mohan was a craze in Telugu cinema. Murali Mohan used to stay away from controversies from the beginning of his career. How is Murali Mohan’s personality? His films would have been the same. In his career, Murali Mohan has acted in many movies with many heroines, but he has not faced any rumors regarding any heroine.

But in the case of one heroine, there were many rumors about Murali Mohan. That heroine is not Jaya Chitra. Jayachitra had a lot of craze in the 1970s. At that time Murali Mohan – Jayachitra couple acted in many movies. The couple became very popular at that time as the films they acted together became super hits. In this order, there were many rumors that both of them were seen together in Chennai.

On one occasion, Tamil newspapers also wrote gossips that both of them were in love as they were seen more outside. Finally one day when Murali Mohan went to Vahani Studio in Madras for shooting.. some of them there told me the truth are you marrying Jaya Chitra? While asking that.

Murali Mohan, who was shocked by this, said that he is already married and has children. But the main reason behind these rumors is a work done by director Dasari Narayana Rao. Both of them acted in some movies together under the direction of Dasari. At that time, Murali Mohan’s facial expression was high. With this, Dasari gave the script to both of them.

So they became close friends while studying the dialogues before the movie. With that friendship, they met outside. Some who saw this started rumors that they both fell in love.. Murali Mohan cannot be without Jayachitra.. He is going to marry her soon. It was written by one or two Tamil magazines. The news of their marriage was highlighted at that time.

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