Mrunal Thakur: Mrunal released a video saying that a hacker was blackmailing him.. What is the real thing?

Mrunal Thakur: Bollywood’s brother Mrunal Thakur.. was introduced to Tollywood with the movie Sitaram. She got the biggest popularity in Tollywood with her first movie. Currently, Nani is once again acting in a Telugu film with her 30th film. Currently, this cutie is on a vacation tour. Bhama, who has been sharing photos related to the tour for a few days, has recently released a video in which a hacker is blackmailing her. Everyone is shocked to see it.

Rana Naidu : Rana Naidu.. How family hero Venkatesh made this range adult series okay?

But what is said in this video is not true. Mrinal made this video for the promotion of a web series. In ‘Rana Naidu’ starring Tollywood heroes Venkatesh and Rana, Rana solves the problems faced by celebrities. It is known that many celebrities are promoting this series. Mrinal Thakur also promoted it in this order. This web series, which is an adaptation of the American series ‘Ray Donovan’, was released on March 10 on Net Plix.

This series, which comes with full adult content, will meet opposition from some audience. Venkatesh, who is seen as the original family hero, is completely different from this series and the Telugu audience is unable to accept it. But this series has become a super hit in Bollywood. Currently this series is in the No. 1 position on Net Plix.


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