Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway | That she fed rice by hand

In terms of cultural traditions, customs and lifestyles, there is a contradiction in the countries of the world. The movie ‘Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway’ is a story about how a mother fought with the government of that country to get her children away from such contradictions. This movie which recently released in front of the audience is getting appreciation from critics as well as movie celebrities across the country. Rani Mukerji played the lead role. The film is based on a true incident in the life of a woman named Sagarika Chakraborty.

Mrs. Chatterjee, who went there for her husband, who is working in Norway..Giving reasons that she feeds her children with rice by hand and reprimands them if they misbehave, the government of that country moves her children to a child care center. These things which are common in our country are considered criminal under the laws there. Mrs. Chatterjee fights with the problem caused in her life due to the cultural differences between the countries and wins the children.

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