Movie News: The actress was removed from the show because her hair was short

We keep seeing many movie stars getting cancer. There are many cases where many heroines and heroes have survived cancer. Many people have fought and won the cancer epidemic with mental courage. Now an actress also struggles with cancer. However, she feels that she was suddenly removed from a show. She was upset that she was kicked out of the show because of her short hair. Who is that actress?

Most people know about popular actress and model Lisare. She acted in the movies Water, Kasur, Veerappan and Dobara. She was last seen in ‘Four More Shots Please’. Lisare was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in Bonemarrow in 2009. It is almost impossible for people with this cancer to survive. Lisa Ray bravely fought cancer. She conquered cancer without losing courage. Recently she said in an interview..

Lisa Ray

He remembered an experience he had.. Lisa underwent chemotherapy due to cancer. But because of that her hair started falling out. But at the same time, she was turned away from a travel show because her hair was short. On the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day, she shared her experience in ‘Humans of Bombay Post’.

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