Mohan Babu: Mohan Babu is very angry on the quarrel between brothers.. Video deleted by Manoj

The dispute between Manoj and Vishnu, who were talking about small things, turned into a whirlwind. Manoj’s post on social media claiming that Vishnu had come to attack his man, Sarathi, became a topic of discussion. Manoj’s voice can be heard in the video saying, ‘This is the real thing, he comes home and beats us.’ .Vishnu rushing forward saying ‘What is he saying?’.One or two people can also see an attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, actor Manchu Mohan Babu became serious about this quarrel.

It is known that he expressed his anger as to why he did not take to social media. Mohan Babu is inquiring about what happened at Sarathi’s house on Thursday night. It seems that Mohan Babu strongly told Manoj to delete the video. Due to this, Manoj deleted his Facebook status. Mohan Babu spoke exclusively to TV9 about this fight. He commented that anger is meaningless.. They don’t know it yet. He explained that he is trying to reconcile both of them.

Isn’t the quarrel between the brothers now?.. What is the quarrel between the two for years?.. Who is Mohan Babu supporting? Manoj has not even wished Vishnu on his birthday for two or three years. Vishnu came and went to Manoj’s wedding just to look around. We need to know what are the reasons for so many differences.

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