Mission Impossible 7: Mission Impossible 7 update given by Tom Cruise..

Mission Impossible 7 : Indian Movie Lovers After Marvel movies, ‘Mission Impossible’ is the most loved Hollywood series. Tom Cruise’s action stunts in these movies give goosebumps to the audience. Already 6 movies in this series have come before the audience. Mission Impossible 7 is currently being shot. This movie is coming in two parts. The action scenes in this movie are going to be in a different range than the previous movies.

Tom Cruise: So many stunts at the age of 60.. Tom Cruise’s stunts for the movie Mission Impossible 7..

Moreover, Tom Cruise, who has done stunts on the ground with a bike and in the air with a helicopter, is going to do adventures in space together in this movie. For that, they will go into space and shoot this film. It will create a record as the first film to be shot in space. The makers who have not released any official poster from this movie till now have released a title poster. In this poster, Tom Cruise is seen jumping from the top of the mountains with his bike in the air.

It is known that the video of this adventure was released recently. At the age of 60, everyone was surprised to see Tom Cruise jump down from the top of the hill with a bike. The title of the first part of this movie, which is coming in two parts, has been finalized as ‘Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning’. Christopher McQuarrie, who directed Mission Impossible 5, 6 and Top Gun Maverick, is directing this movie. This movie will be released worldwide on July 14.

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