Minister Roja: Do we care about grasshoppers and women too?

It is known that Jabardast comedian Hyper Adi participated in the ‘Yuvashakti’ program organized by Janasena Party in Srikakulam District, Laveru Mandal, Talla Moali in AP. In AP, Pawan Kalyan said that some people are trying to stop Varahi, if he gets upset, he will go on a padayatra. Aadini is hyper with this. YCP leaders were united. YCP fans like Sri Reddy, however, are making live broadcasts and talking nonsense.

Now it’s time to put a diaper on the hyper baby. This is his phone number 8790045745.. Make it viral on Facebook.. Greeting him methodically’, said a post on the Facebook account named Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Army. However, Roja responded in the context of Hyper Adi’s comments which have now become a topic of discussion in AP politics. Roja criticized that there are six heroes in the mega compound and these small artists are doing jabardast comedy for their sake.

Minister Roja reacts about comedian hyper aadi comments

They are saying that they are afraid that if they speak against the mega family, they will lose their opportunities in the film industry. If love really means mega family.. we saw what happened when we gave support to Prakash Raj who contested for the president of our association. Love is different, fear is different. Roja made indirect comments on Pawan and Nagababu saying that Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sharada, Babumohan, who came from the film field, she all won the election… except them. But while taking Aadi’s hyper comments lightly, Roja hit hard with heavy political punches. She lashed out at those who criticized her for not caring about small grasshoppers and weevils.

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