Men Too: Men Too Review.. Is the movie a big hit? Fatta..? Make a video if you want to know

Some girls scream and get what they want. They shed tears every now and then. The rights provided by the society are misused. They are being made as pseudo feminists… And mentioning such things… The hashtag Mentoo is the movie that was made! Directed by Srikanth G. Reddy, this movie starring Naresh Agastya as the hero has been released recently. Is this movie that impressed with the trailer before the release and after the release it also impressed everyone? How was the original movie? Check out this review to know! Sanju alias Kaushik Ghantasala, a boy who has grown up in wealth since childhood, comes to India in search of true love, not wanting a green card. There he is attracted to a girl who does standup comedy. She wants to go to US. It mentions it again and again. Did those two who have different interests step together? Or?… This is a story! Mechanic Munna alias Maurya Siddhavaram has been in love with Fatima for four years. One day he gets to know that Fatima is married and he grows disgusted with girls.

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