Mega Family | Upasana booked daughter-in-law horizontally in front of aunt.. Video viral

Athamma’s kitchen | It is known that Tollywood’s leading actor Megastar Chiranjeevi’s wife Surekha recently entered the food business. Surekha has announced its entry into the online food business under the name ‘Athamma’s Kitchen’. Surekha started it with the aim of providing quality foods that can be prepared from time to time in the form of ready mix. As part of this ‘Atthamma’s Kitchen’ summer special, Surekha makes fresh mango greens. But while Surekha Myngo was making pickles, her sister-in-law Upasana took a funny video and released it.

Chiranjeevi’s mother Anjana Devi, while Surekha was growing mangoes under the supervision of Chiranjeevi’s mother. Is your daughter-in-law not doing the greens properly?” asks Upasana. Anjana Devi replies that she is sitting idle. After that the camera turns to Surekha and calls her aunty.. Surekha laughs what are they doing. When asked Oopasana kya hora.. Surekha replies that I don’t know Hindi and this funny conversation has now become viral.


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It is remarkable that all the recipes of food products in ‘Athamma’s Kitchen’ are made by Megastar’s wife Surekha. Meanwhile, Upasana revealed that all these food products are available through the website

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