Mega 154 | Chiranjeevi is taking care in that matter..

Mega 154 | A lot of changes are seen in Chiranjeevi after the movie Acharya. As the film failed worse than expected, the megastar is determined to hit the blockbuster with the next film and satisfy the hunger of the fans. That’s why he is keeping a close eye on everything so that no small mistake happens in the future films. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi remembers his old days very well in one respect.

Megastar Chiranjeevi has more in common with the heroines of yesteryear than the heroines of this generation. In the 80s and 90s, there were no heroines who were not paired with a megastar. He acted with many senior heroines. Megastar is also sharing the screen with today’s heroines. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi is taking a key decision regarding his films. At present, if there are any important roles in the upcoming movies, it seems that the megastar is referring the directors to hire the old heroines who have acted with him. It was in this sequence that Vijayashanthini was approached for the role that Nayanthara is now playing in the movie Godfather. She also confirmed this. Otherwise, Vijayashanthi did not accept Chiranjeevi’s film because he was busy with politics. Also Shobhana was asked for this role.. She also refused to act in Godfather. Finally now Nayanthara is acting in this role.

Now it seems that senior heroine Sumalatha is playing a pivotal role in Chiranjeevi’s Waltheru Veeraiya directed by Bobby. Ravi Teja is also acting in it. Mass Raja joined the shoot recently. There is a rumor that Sumalatha is going to play the role of his mother. Once upon a time, Chiranjeevi and Sumalatha acted together in many blockbuster movies like Shubhalekha, Khaidi, Pasivadi Pranam, Gang Leader. Megastar wants to share the screen with such a heroine again in his film. However, Chiru says that the fun of acting again with the old heroines will be different. Directors have also started efforts in this direction. It’s a workout but fans will also be lucky enough to see Megastar’s vintage combinations.

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