Meena was shocked by Balayya’s kiss… Rajinikanth was shocked…!

Balayya’s crazy talk show unstoppable is not just the love of the hosts.. Balayya’s family, personal and movie love are also coming out. Overall, there is no doubt that Balayya is making the show a hit. Young heroes Sharwanand and Adavi Shesh came as guests for the third episode of this week. Balayya played the two boy heroes well in this episode.

In the latest episode, who did you kiss first in your movies? When he said that he gave it, he said that it was Adasharma. He also said that he gave it to Meenakshi Chaudhary, the heroine of Last Kiss Hit 2. However, Balayya did not let go of the wild Seshu and further provoked him who do you want to kiss in the future. After thinking for a while, he said the name of Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif. Who is the heroine who does not want to be kissed? He immediately said Alia Bhatt’s name to the question.

Sharwa next to him said, “What is Aliana?” and then he put on a slightly innocent face and immediately said that the marriage was over with the forest Seshu. Can’t Katrina get married? He teased Seshu. So this episode was very fun. Did these two heroes kiss Balayya in any of your films? He asked a shocking question. But Balayya said an incident happened with the heroine Meena during the shooting of Bobbili Simham.

The shooting of Bobbili Simham movie is going on on Vemuru embankment. Superstar Rajinikanth started the opening shot by clapping. Rajinikanth is clapping and Balayya is saying the dialogue seriously. Then there is a shot where director Kodanda Ramireddy comes from the outfield and plans to kiss Balayya on the cheek. But as Meena was late in coming, Balayya said the dialogue and turned towards this side seriously.

Immediately Meena came running from the other side. With this, the lips of both came close. With this, Meena shouted Kevvuma. Rajinikanth who was next to him was shocked. That is how Balayya told the funny incident.

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