Meena Husband | Did pigeons cause Meena’s husband’s death?

Did pigeon droppings also cause the death of Meena’s husband Vidyasagar (Vidyasagar) who was suffering from post-covid problems? The same thing has now become a hot topic in Tamil Nadu. The same news is coming in the local media. In the past the whole family of Meena was infected with corona. Everyone got out of that pandemic. However, Vidyasagar has been suffering from lung problems since before Corona was infected. That problem has been exacerbated since Kovid‌ arrived. He is being treated at the MGM Hospital in Chennai. Doctors advised him to have a lung transplant. But that was not possible as donors could not be found. In the meanwhile he died suddenly.

However, Vidyasagar said post-covid problems were not the only cause of death, adding that the respiratory problem was exacerbated by inhaling air from pigeon droppings. Pigeons abound near Meena’s residence. Vidyasagar often donates to them and spends time there. He was suffering from a lung problem. This is also one of the reasons for the death of Meena’s husband (meena husband) is being propagated in the local media.

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