Mass films will also be made!

Nagashaurya..looks like the boy next door. Along with romantic entertainers, he is known for being well suited in family stories. But he says that he wants to do films in different genres and to show his talent as an actor to the full extent, he says that there should be variety in the stories. His latest film is ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ directed by Anish Krishna. Usha Molpuri is the producer. It will come before the audience today. Nagashaurya said on this occasion..

What impressed you about this story?

I heard this story two years ago. I liked it very much. Along with a good family background, the entertainment and mass elements are very impressive. Everyone has emotions that connect with their family. I said ok as soon as I heard the story. This is an evergreen story. As long as there are families, stories like this will continue to be popular.

In this movie you played the role of a Brahmin youth. Aren’t there a lot of Telugu movies with these types of characters?

From NTR’s ‘Adurs’ to the recent Nani’s ‘Ante Sundarani’, heroes have appeared in the roles of Brahmin youths in many films. But only the background of the character is different from each story. Even if I appear as a Brahmin youth in the film ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’…there is no comparison with the stories of that film.

You mostly do romantic entertainers. Feel comfortable in this zone?

To be honest, I don’t feel comfortable with romantic movies. Especially if I am acting in a romantic scene, I feel a bit embarrassed (laughs).

What kind of exercises did you do for the role of Krishna in the film?

Big heroes like Kamal Haasan, NTR, Allu Arjun have impressed with their excellent performance in Brahmin roles. Even though I took a lot of precautions. Director Vasarala Srinivas is a good friend of mine. Being a Brahmin, he asked him and learned many things.

Do you have any idea to make movies with mass stories?

Any actor can achieve perfection only by trying in all genres. We want to choose different stories and make films without being limited to one stereotype. It is not correct to continue in the same vein forever as more success is achieved through class films. Contentment is found through diverse stories. I also want to do mass films. The shooting of my next film ‘Palana Matri Palana Boy’ has been completed.

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