Manoj’s sensational decision in the week of his marriage.. New twists for Manchu family..?

There are so many heroes in the film industry, if you mention the name of good Mohan Babu, the reaction of people will be variety. Another nickname for method is that people in the film industry say the Manchu family as synonymous with discipline. Most importantly, everyone knows how DC plane Mohan Babu is. The talk is always heard that the children who study in his college will grow up with the same discipline. Meanwhile, good Vishnu and Manchu Manoj, who entered the industry as his sons, are also trying to continue as heroes.. and settle down as heroes.

While Manchu Manoj recently got married for the second time to late politician Bhuma Nagireddy’s second daughter Bhuma Maunika Reddy. Photos and videos related to this are trending on social media from time to time. After the wedding, Manoj went to his mother-in-law’s house amid heavy security saying Dhoom Dham, everyone saw the ruckus in the range. Manoj was also given a special welcome at Bhuma Maunika Reddy’s house. Recently, personal news related to Manchu Manoj is trending on social media.

We know that Manoj who married and loved Pranathi Reddy got divorced. They have no children till then. Bhuma Maunika Reddy has a son. But Manchu Manoj has prepared everything to declare Bhuma Maunika Reddy’s son as Manchu’s successor. Manchu Manoj, who accepted Bhuma Maunika Reddy as his wife, is not interested in having another child. He considered that Babu as his son and prepared everything so that he would get all the honors as Manchu’s successor.

In this sequence, Manchu Mohan Babu is also known to be a horse on Manoj. Manchu did not like Manchu’s decision to declare someone’s child as Manchu’s heir. It is in this order that there are quarrels in the Manchu family. Soon the Manchu family will be split into two. But neither Manchu Manoj nor Manchu Vishnu nor Manchu Mohan Babu responded in any way. Is this fake news? Or rumors created by someone..? Is it really going to happen? To know that, someone from the Manchu family has to open their mouth and give clarity on this..!!

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