Manchu Vishnu’s “Dunnapothu” post…am I a satire for that star hero’s son?

Alas.. whether he did it knowingly.. he did it unknowingly but the post made by Tollywood star hero Sun Manchu Vishnu .. as well as Vishnu who is currently reigning as our president has gone viral. Manchu family is now more plus for the trollers who used to sit back. The so-called batch are ready to troll the Manchu family whenever they want. Manchu Vishnu seems to have given good content to such people.

We know that Tollywood collection king Mohan Babu’s eldest son Manchu Vishnu entered the film industry with his father’s name. But he is pleasing by acting in his own style. Moreover, recently he was also selected as our president. With this, his name in social media will change in a range. His recent post of plowing is now trending on social media.

Posting Manchu Vishnu, he wrote this while attaching a photo of a ploughing. “After I do 10 push ups..I imagine I will look like this,” he tweeted. Actually Manchu family means Manchu haters who are horse are playing him with this post. Some people said, “This is the same as you.. You are not different from this.” If you want to download him, others said, “There is a lot of meaning in this post. Manchu Manoj posted this post with a concentration on Sun’s physique, a star hero who targets the Manchu family. They say. Due to this, a range of memes are going viral on this Dunnapotu post. Moreover, the name of the star hero’s son is going viral on social media saying that he is the son of the star hero. And this plowing post by Manchu Vishnu is for that hero’s son..? Share your opinion in the form of a comment.

This is how I imagine I am after I do ten push ups. 😊

— Vishnu Manchu (@iVishnuManchu) September 17, 2022

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