Manchu Vishnu | Stop false campaigns.. Manchu Vishnu declared support for Hema..

Manchu Vishnu | Film actress Hema’s name coming out in the Bangalore rave party case has become a sensation in Tollywood. A notice was also sent to her to appear for investigation after she came positive in the drug test conducted by Bangalore CCB police. In this background, many artists including Karate Kalyani are criticizing Hema. Our President Manchu Vishnu supported Hema in this process.

Manchu Vishnu advised to stop false propaganda against Hema. He said that the crime against Hema has not been proved yet. He appealed not to tarnish Hema’s reputation with the allegations. He said that our association will not tolerate any unsocial activities. He said that if the police gives evidence related to the allegations against Hema, action will be taken against her. It is advised not to pay attention to baseless news till then.


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