Manchu Vishnu | Manchu Vishnu competes with Chiru and Nags.. Who will win?

Ginna Movie | Manchu Vishnu entertains the audience with successive films regardless of the result. His early career was at a good speed. Movies like ‘Dhi’, ‘Doosukelta’ and ‘Denikainaredi’ have given Vishnu good recognition as a commercial hero. Even if his movies did not get huge collections, the budget would come. Gradually, his films are the same. As a result, the audience showed less interest in watching his films in theatres. The last five or six films in which he acted failed to bring even the minimum collections. Currently he is all set to entertain the audience with a different story titled ‘Jinnah’. Directed by Ishaan Surya, this film is currently shooting at a fast pace. The recently released title teaser of the film has received a great response from the audience.

Recently the makers announced the release date of this movie. Vishnu said on Twitter that the film will release on October 5. However, Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘The Ghost’ are releasing on the same day. Both these movies have tremendous buzz. But the film has no buzz so far. Will Vishnu survive the competition of these two senior heroes and become the winner of Dussehra? Or ?

Vishnu Gali is playing the role of Nageswara Rao in this film. Sunny Leone and Rajput Payal are acting as heroines. Prominent writer and producer Konavenkat is acting as a creative producer along with story and screenplay for this film. Chota K Naidu is working as the cinematographer while Anup is composing the music for this film which is being produced by Ava Entertainments.

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