Manchu Manoj – Mounika Reddy : Baboy.. Manchu Manoj married Mounika Reddy has so much property?

Manchu Manoj – Mounika Reddy ; The marriage of Manchu Manoj and Bhuma Maunika Reddy was grand. The three-day wedding ceremony ended with the newlyweds visiting Tirumala Srivara. Millions of fans showered their blessings on Manoj and Maunika Reddy couple. Many people are trying to find out on social media how love blossomed between Manchu Manoj from the film family and Bhuma Maunika Reddy from the political family and how they both met.

Manchu Manoj Wife Mounika Reddy assets interesting news

Over the years the close relationship between the Manchu and Bhuma families has continued. Manchu Manoj became friends with Bhuma Mounika because of that relationship. That friendship recently turned into love. After persuading the elders, Manoj and Maunika Reddy got married. At this point there is an interesting discussion about Bhuma Maunika Reddy’s assets. Mounika Reddy’s mother and father have been in politics for a long time. Also sister Akhila Priya was made minister. So there is little talk about earning assets.

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It is advertised that Bhuma Maunika Reddy’s assets are many times more compared to Manchu Manoj’s assets. There is no such official clarity on the matter so far, but since she comes from a family with a political background, Bhuma Maunika Reddy has plenty of opportunities to be ahead of the curve in terms of property. Manchu Manoj also has properties in several areas besides Tirupati. Manchu Manoj, who is also doing business, is likely to join the list of top property owners in the industry now that he has Bhuma Maunik assets.

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