Manchu Lakshmi who was supposed to marry a star hero.. Is that the reason for this?!?

Life is not always as smooth as we think. Sometimes things happen differently from what we think. The same happened in the case of Tollywood star hero Mohan Babu’s beloved daughter Manchu Lakshmi. According to the news going viral on social media, Manchu Vishnu’s elder sister Manchu Lakshmi is going to be the wife of the star hero in the industry. But because of her interest above studies, she said no to marry that hero and after that she got married to another person after some time and the news in the industry is buzzing. Going into full details…!!

Mohan Babu is the collection king of the Tollywood film industry. He has three children.. the eldest child is Manchu Lakshmi .. the second child is Manchu Vishnu.. the third child is Manchu Manoj. All three are trying to test their luck in the film industry. While Manchu Lakshmi is doing movies in her own style. Moreover, Manchu Lakshmi became close to people by speaking English in her own style as a host rather than making movies.

But Manchu Lakshmi nee Manchu Mohan Babu wanted to marry the son of that star who is a top hero in Tollywood. It is known that he is very close to the Manchu family and is a close relative. Moreover, Karakandi said that she has no intention of marrying people in the film industry. In this order, Manchu Lakshmi missed the chance to become a daughter-in-law of a big house family and a news went viral in the industry earlier. While present Manchu Lakshmi is making films in her own style and on the other hand Aha hosts a crazy cooking show with them. She enjoys life very happily with her husband and a baby.

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