Mahi V Raghav Josh in Mahi V Raghav team with Save the Tigers season 2 success.. More web shows coming soon

Mahi V Raghav Movies on one side.. web series on the other side.. It is not easy to balance these two. He is completing such a task successfully. Tollywood talented director Mahi V Raghav. This year he came in front of the audience with Yatra 2 and received good success. It is known that Save the Tigers (Season 1) came from this director’s compound while ‘Saitan’ was written by Pradeep Advaita. This web show is streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star.. Season 1 got a good response. The recently released Save the Tigers season 2 got good viewership in the first week itself.

In this context, Mahi V Raghav said..He sincerely thanked the audience for giving such good results. We have tried to mainly explore the fun scenes between us and those around us, conversations between couples and strong emotions. The entertainment was what we expected as the actors performed brilliantly. I try to tell stories about our origins. By doing so, this web series has received an excellent response from the audience.

If Save the Tigers season 1 shows how husbands who are suffering from frustration behave, in season 2 we have tried to convey their responsibilities and mental maturity. As season 1 was a blockbuster hit, season 2 was under pressure. Satirical writing is essential when you want to show such different content. We are producing films and web series under our Three Atom Leaves banner encouraging new writers and directors. We are very happy that our banner is getting recognition in the industry. He said that he is ready to provide some more web shows soon. Mahi V Raghav with latest comments
More web series are sure to come in the coming days.

Save The Tigers

Save The Tigers



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