Mahesh – Rajamouli’s shocking remunerations… Who is shaking with these calculations…!

Rajamouli made his debut as a hero in Tollywood with the film Student No. 1, but since then he has been hitting consecutively with super duper hits without a word of flop. If you look at Rajamouli’s last four films, he has surpassed India’s level of Telugu cinema and taken it to the world level. Eega, Baahubali 1, Baahubali 2 and Triple R also revealed the great vision of Rajamouli. If Baahubali 2 collected 2000 crores together.. Now Telugu cinema with Triple R has got an Oscar award to make the world proud.

It is not a common thing for a Telugu film to win an Oscar. Now not only India but also the world’s top directors are looking towards Rajamouli. Our films have a very low budget compared to Hollywood films. It is not a common thing to win an Oscar award by making excellent quality films in such a low budget. All Indian cinema lovers should salute Rajamouli. Not to mention the extent to which Rajamouli’s name is popular in India at present.

With this craze, it seems that Rajamouli’s remuneration has also increased hugely. Rajamouli is currently making Rs. It is known that the remuneration is more than 100 crores. Also, agreements are being made to give a share in the profits. But Durga Arts head KL Narayana had given some advance to Rajamouli to make a film for him some 20 years ago. It was a lot back then. The amount after 20 years is very high if you add interest.

And how about that advance in the remuneration given to Rajamouli? It has not been announced that it will be cut. KL Narayana needs to invest heavily for this movie. Mahesh Babu also got remuneration of Rs. It seems that they are asking for not less than 80 crores. Rajamouli’s film itself should be dated for more than a year. That’s why Mahesh is also asking strongly. But Mahesh also had K.L. Narayana has given an advance.

That advance has to be cut. In this movie, Rajamouli Mahesh’s reminiscences are Rs. 180 to 200 crores. How much for the original film in this calculation? Looking at the budget, Indian film sources are calculating that it will not be less than 1000 crores. It seems that KL Narayana is also afraid of the cost of this film. But some other top producers of Tollywood are also saying that they will be partners in this project.

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