Mahesh Babu : Ori Babu .. If you read this update Mahesh Babu fans won’t even sleep for 31 nights .. About Rajamouli movie..!!

Mahesh Babu : Director Rajamouli, Rajamouli, RRR movie, RRR movie, recognized at the world level. If Rajamouli can come up with the right story and budget, he will make a great film that the world will appreciate. RRR movie was released in India and recently released in Japan. RRR’s film has become a world record with the highest grossing in Japan. This movie will create sensation in Japan as well as Africa Europe overseas.

After this movie, Rajamouli is going to make a movie with Superstar Mahesh Babu. Even before the movie went on the sets, the buzz was created about the movie. Sensational hype has already arrived on this movie India wise. Everyone is waiting when this movie will go on the sets. Rajamouli is going to make this movie as an adventure thriller set in the background of African forests.

Rajamouli Mahesh Babu movie update

But there is a crazy update about this movie. They want to make this adventure thriller movie in parts rather than franchises. This film is expected to be made in three parts. One part is not enough for the whole concept of the writers to come to the screen. That is why they are planning to take it in three parties. It is said that three parts means that this adventure movie will not be ordinary.

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