Mahesh Babu: In the pain of losing the father.. he gave life to the child..

Even though superstar Krishna was in the hospital on the verge of death, Prince Mahesh Babu did not stop serving. While looking closely at a stepfather… through his charity foundation he gave life to a child’s heart. The child became a god to the family. Mahesh, who has already performed heart operations on many children in the name of Mahesh Foundation.. even when his father is in hospital, he has not left his humanity. Mahesh, who already knew about Mokshit Sai’s heart problem, also made arrangements for the child’s operation. On one hand, while worrying about the health of the father, on the other hand, they tried to kill the child. Even though he could not find his father, the child was given a hundred years of life. He became the god of that family. Everyone raised their hands once more and made them stick.

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